Programs 2022-2023

PROGRAMS FOR 2022-2023
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Millennium Maxwell House

AUGUST 16, 2022
Orientation and Introduction
of New Members

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022
Portia to Billy McBride: The Portrayal of Lawyers in Entertainment
Throughout the Years
(responsible for May Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Pat Moskal, Co-Captain
Ed Lanquist, Co-Captain
Paul McAdoo, reporter
Ed Lanquist, liaison

Gerardo Alvarez
Alan Bean
Barbara Holmes

Nina Kumar

OCTOBER 18, 2022
Technology, Law & Related Ethical Issues
(responsible for April Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Chip Frensley, Co-Captain
Liz Sitgreaves, Co-Captain
Christen Blackburn, reporter
Bill Ramsey, liaison

Megan Allen
Allison Cooley
James Haltom
Kate Hamilton

Emily Lamb
Lyndsay Smith
Josh Swafford

NOVEMBER 15, 2022
Post-COVID Legal Practice
(responsible for March Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Angie Dalton, Co-Captain
Erin Palmer Polly, Co-Captain
Valerie Moore, reporter
Chris Sabis, liaison

Daniel Clayton
Ashonti Davis
Skip Gant

Emily Mack
Anya Martin
John Spragens

JANUARY 17, 2023
Insurrection in America: From the Boston Tea Party to January 6th:
What Can We Learn From the Past?
(responsible for February Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Neal McBrayer, Co-Captain
Ed Yarbrough, Co-Captain
Judith Lojek, reporter
Chasity Goodner, liaison

Heather Asbell
Kerry Dietz
Hank Hildebrand

Nicole Keefe
Lindsey Taulbee
Latonya Todd

FEBRUARY 21, 2023
Whether Restorative Justice is Beneficial
(responsible for January Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Allegra Walker, Co-Captain
Jason Gichner, Co-Captain
Danielle Nellis, reporter
Bernadette Welch, liaison

Mitzi Dorris
Ron Dowdy
Kymberly Kester
Rob Peal

Bart Pickett
Eli Richardson
Paul Schwarzentraub
Melissa Van Pelt

MARCH 21, 2023
Hoe to Hire and Fire Clients
(responsible for November Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Chasity Goodner, Co-Captain
Joycelyn Stevenson, Co-Captain
Lauren Kilgore, reporter
Jackie Dixon, liaison

Jenna Adamson
David Briley
Mandy Floyd
Ben Harrison

Quynh-Anh Kibler
Quan Poole
Melissa Weitzel

APRIL 18, 2023
Disarming the Bench: Judicial Discretion in Sentencing
(responsible for October Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Luther Wright, Co-Captain
Nick Leonardo, Co-Captain
Ryan Loofbourrow, reporter
Ron Dowdy, liaison

Sam Boukli
Waverly Crenshaw
Alison Grippo
Sara Naylor

Ben Owen
Edmund Sauer
Jennifer Smith

MAY 16, 2023
Whether the Right of Privacy is Constitutionally Protected 
(responsible for September Toast) CLE Program (1.5 hours)

Donald Capparella, Co-Captain
Sherie Edwards, Co-Captain
Billy Leslie, reporter
Bill Koch, liaison

Jacob Clabo
Lisa Helton
Martesha Johnson
I’Ashea Myles

Rebekah Shulman
Blake Taylor
Lily Ying

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