Programs 2020-2021

PROGRAMS FOR 2020-2021

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
Can the Government Do That? Legal Issues Raised by
Government Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

(responsible for May Toast) CLE Program (1.5 general hours)

Sherie Edwards, Co-Captain

Anne Martin, Co-Captain

Tayo Atanda, reporter

Chasity Goodner, liaison

Sam Boukli

Alison Grippo

Ryan Haynes

Laura Heiman

Lisa Helton

Quynh-Anh Kibler

Andrea McCoy

Melissa Mitchell

Luther Wright

OCTOBER 20, 2020
How Much Judicial Deference is Too Much?
(responsible for March Toast) CLE Program (1.5 general hours)

Eli Richardson, Co-Captain

Sarah Campbell, Co-Captain

Rachelle Gallimore-Scruggs, reporter

Bill Koch, liaison

Rascoe Dean

Jackie Dixon

Ellen Hendrickson

Pat Moskal

Bart Pickett

Edmund Sauer

Marie Scott

Latonya Todd

Connor Webber

NOVEMBER 17, 2020
ABA Resolution No. 115: Improving Access to Justice? Or Handing Over
the Reins of Civil Litigation to Special Interests

(responsible for February Toast) CLE Program (1.5 dual hours)

Joycelyn Stevenson, Co-Captain

Ben Harrison, Co-Captain

Emily Mack, reporter

Bill Ramsey, liaison

Kathryn Barnett

Alan Bean

Rachel Berg

Daniel Clayton

Ryan Everette

Jennifer Foster

Chip Frensley

Michael McGee

Liz Sitgreaves

Stephanie Williams

DECEMBER 15, 2020
The Efficacy of State and Federal Collateral Challenges
to State Criminal Convictions

(responsible for January Toast) CLE Program (1.5 general hours)

Alistair Newbern, Co-Captain

Dominic Leonardo, Co-Captain

Seanna Brandmeir, reporter

Sue Kay, liaison

Andrae Crismon

Michele Hodges

Lynne Ingram

Martisha Johnson

Melinda Kirkham

Andrew Merritt

Danielle Nellis

Rob Peal

Mary Stoner

JANUARY 19, 2021
Tennessee’s Approach to a Prosecutor’s Duty
to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence

(responsible for September Toast) CLE Program (1.5 dual hours)

Skip Gant, Co-Captain

Jason Gichner, Co-Captain

Lauren Kilgore, reporter

Chris Sabis, liaison

Angie Dalton

Ronald Dowdy

Philip Elbert

Mandy Floyd

Michele Foreman

Tanner Gibson

Nicole Keefe

Ed Lanquist

Lindsay Smith

John Spragens

FEBRUARY 16, 2021
The African American Attorneys Who Got Into
“Good Trouble” in Nashville

(responsible for October Toast) CLE Program (1.5 general hours)

Richard Dinkins, Co-Captain

Erin Palmer Polly, Co-Captain

Ryan Davis, reporter

Bill Koch, liaison

Allison Cooley

Waverly Crenshaw

Candace Fox

Tom Haroldson

Brittani Kendrick

Liz Leiserson

Ryan Loofbourrow

Rebekah Shulman

Emily Slifkin

Kelli Woodward

MARCH 16, 2021
Understanding the Complicated Landscape
of Civil War Monuments

(responsible for November Toast) CLE Program (1.5 general hours)

Neal McBrayer, Co-Captain

Candi Henry, Co-Captain

Ashonti Davis, reporter

Jackie Dixon, liaison

Bernadette Welch, liaison

Donald Capparella

Heather Curliss

Katharine Fischman

James Haltom

Barbara Holmes

Hannah Lackey

Judy Lojek

Paul McAdoo

Sydney Raines

Laylah Smith

Allegra Walker

APRIL 20, 2021

MAY 18, 2021
State of Tennessee v. Duncan Cooper and Robin Cooper
(responsible for December Toast) CLE Program (1.5 general hours)

Hank Hildebrand, Co-Captain

Dawn Deaner, Co-Captain

Christen Blackburn, reporter

Matt Sweeney, liaison

Stephanie Brake

Rebecca Castañeda

Benjamin Glover

Charles Grant

Callie Hinson

Valerie Moore

Maggie Reidy

Melissa Van Pelt

Ed Yarbrough

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