Programs 2005-2006

PROGRAMS 2005-2006

September 20, 2005

Orientation and Introduction of New Members



October 18, 2005

The Shifting Sands of the Reporter’s Privilege



November 15, 2005

Open Courts and Closed Files:  The Pros and Cons of Sealing Court Records

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John Branham, Co-Captain
Anne Martin
Matt Curley
Monte Watkins, Co-Captain
Jackie Dixon
Monica Johnson
Marlene Baugh Boshears
Sam Jackson
Andree Blumstein, liaison
John Farringer
Jim Vines



January 17, 2006

To Accept or Not To Accept a Client: That is the Question

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Michael Brown, Co-Captain
Kathryn Barnett, Co-Captain
Matt Sweeney, Liaison
Jennifer Brundige
Randy Kenny
Tom Shumate
Mark Colter
Laureen Kuzur
Mary Frances Lyle



February 21, 2006

When Does Detention Become Torture Under the Geneva Convention?



March 21, 2006

Mediation and Arbitration: Trojan Horses or Derby Winners?



April 18, 2006

The Invasion of the Identity Snatchers: Prevention and Remedies for  Phishing and Other Forms of Identity Theft

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Kent Cochran
Bill Ramsey
Karl Dean
Donna Roberts
Matthew Foster
Kathryn Sasser
Michael Moore
Juan Villasenor
Stephen Morton
Ellie Wetzel



May 16, 2006

The Removal of the Native Americans from Georgia: The Role of Lawyers During the Trail of Tears

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Cissy Daughtrey
Jamie Hollin
Lisa Helton
Mat Sweeney
David Herbert
Ginger Townzen



June 20, 2006

“That’s For Me to Know and For You to Find Out”

(Shaping a Client’s Media Relations)

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