Programs 2001-2002

 PROGRAMS 2001-2002

  View the materials from our program: “Contempt of Court: The Trials of Edward Johnson”   September 18, 2001

Orientation and Dinner



October 16, 2001

Comparative Fault: Questions in Search of Answers

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(Responsible for June Toast)  

Patsy Cottrell, Co-Captain
Donald Capparella
Darrell Townsend
Jim Doran, Co-Captain
Jennifer Hedge
Nancy Vincent
Beth Boone
Brian Keith Jackson
Chuck Walker
Mary Brewer
Mary Schaffner
Matt Sweeney, Liaison



November 20, 2001

Personal Privacy: What’s Left?

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(Responsible for May Toast)

Juliet Griffin, Co-Captain
Julie Jones
Mark Seitz
Katie Edge, Co-Captain
Kaz Kikkawa
Jan Simmons
Melissa Blackburn
Christie Laird
Andrée Blumstein, Liaison
Ursula Holmes
Patrick Ruth



January 15, 2002

The Jurors’ Verdict on Lawyers and the Courts

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(Responsible for April Toast)

Tom Brothers, Co-Captain
Charles Grant
Lyn Robbins
John Branham, Co-Captain
Edward Hadley
Lucinda Smith
Meera Ballal
Russ Miller
Bob Watson
James Crumlin
Barbara Moss
Leslie Bridges, Liaison



February 19, 2002

The Death Penalty: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going

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(Responsible for March Toast)

Jerry Smith, Co-captain
John Farringer
Neda Sawyers
Don Hall, Co-Captain
Paula Flowers
Ginger Townzen
Cheryl Blackburn
Jim McNamara
Bill Ramsey, Liaison
Bill Farmer
Maria Salas



March 19, 2002

What is Law? An Interdisciplinary Perspective

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(Responsible for February Toast)

Leon Ruben, Co-Captain
Jonathan Farmer
Ellen Pollack
John Nolan, Co-Captain
Robert Greene
Amy Smith
Will Cheek
Malcolm McCune
Andrée Blumstein, Liaison
Julie-Karel Elkin
Mary Ann Miranda



April 16, 2002

Legal Issues Involving Family Relationships: Beyond Divorce

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(Responsible for January Toast)

Marietta Shipley, Co-Captain
Betty Adams Green
Frank Scanlon
Marlene Moses, Co-Captain
T.J. Jones
Dave Williams
Gordon Aulgur
George Nolan
Leslie Bridges, Liaison
Mary Beth Fortugno
Josh Perry



May 21, 2002

Intellectual Property: What Little You Know Might Hurt You

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(Responsible for November Toast)

Ben Cantrell, Co-Captain
Julie Burnstein
Janna Smith
Jim Harris, Co-Captain
Jackie Dixon
Kent Syverud
Jerry Anderton
Steve Hurd
Luther Wright
Mike Berger
Mary LaGrone
Bill Ramsey, Liaison



June 18, 2002

Expert Witnesses: How Lawyers Treat Experts and How Experts Treat Lawyers

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(Responsible for October Toast)

Carol McCoy, Co-Captain
Mark Baugh
Kathryn Phillips
Zan Blue, Co-Captain
Gary Blackburn
Libbi Snider
Amy Adams
Tom Carlton
Matt Sweeney, Liaison
Clisby Barrow
Alix Cross
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