Programs 2010-2011

PROGRAMS 2010-2011

August 17, 2010

Orientation and Introduction of New Members Jack Robinson, Sr., Recollections of Judge Phillips  

September 21, 2010

Social Networking: Friend or Foe or “Unfriend” or “Unfoe”?

(responsible for May Toast)

CLE Program #095930

(1.5 hours – general credit)

David Raybin, Captain Tarsila Crawford Justin Page
Bill Ramsey, liaison Jean Crowe Joanna Robinson
Alan Bean James Crumlin Jonathan Williams
Jodie Bell Chasity Goodner Sheree Wright


October 19, 2010

Collaborative Law

(responsible for April Toast)

CLE Program #095931

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Marian Harrison, Co-Captain Sue Kay Jason Murrie
Gregg Ramos, Co-Captain Lora Manson Brant Phillips
Jackie Dixon, liaison Beth Meadows Shannone Raybon
Amy Farrar Dennis Meaker Jess Uitto
Ken Jones


November 16, 2010

Cultural Cognition and Its Influence on Lawyers and Judges

(responsible for March Toast)

CLE Program #095898

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Kathryn Barnett, Co-Captain Lisa Helton Jerry Martin
Bob Mendes, Co-Captain Barbara Holmes Colleen Sweeney
Bill Koch, liaison Elizabeth Johnston Scott Tift
Dexter Brewer Josh Lee Monte Watkins
Shomari Dailey Brad MacLean


December 2010

Holiday Event

Donald W. Lemons, Supreme Court of Virginia


January 18, 2011

T urning the Keys Over to the Next Generation:  Succession Planning and the Practice of Law

(responsible for February Toast)

CLE Program #095897

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Randy Kennedy, Co-Captain Tracy Kane Phillis Rambsy
Anne Russell, Co-Captain Lauren Kilgore Donna Roberts
Bernadette Welch, liaison Cyndi McKenzie Mark Westlake
Michael Harmon Alistar Newbern Renard Hirsch
Chris Norris


February 15, 2011

The Law of Race: Who’s Black, Who’s White, Who’s Other and Who Cares?

(responsible for January Toast)

CLE Program #095899

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Richard Dinkins, Co-Captain Dawn Deaner Rich McGee
Mike Passino, Co-Captain Jeff Gibson Megan Moore
Charles Grant, liaison Bill Leader Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur
Barbara Barreno Jeri Lee Rachel Thomas
Sheila Calloway Dan Lins


March 15, 2011

The Legal Systems and the Practice of Law  in the People’s Republic of China

Catalogue for Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries – Chinese (.pdf)

Catalogue for Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amended in 2007)  (.pdf)

Text of the Arbitration Law  (.pdf)

Summary of the Civil Procedure Law  (.pdf)

Further Reading  (.pdf)

(responsible for November Toast)

CLE Program #095902

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Patsy Cottrell, Co-Captain Gary Kellar Rachel Ross
Bill Harbison, Co-Captain Steve Lund Rob Rutherford
Matt Sweeney, liaison Casey Nicholson Nancy Vincent
Joe Boyd Bill Penny Brian Winfrey
Laura Carlisle Sara Reynolds


April 19, 2011

So You Have Received a Request for Electronically Stored  Information: Now What?

(responsible for October Toast)

CLE Program #095901

(1.5 hours – general credit)

John Bryant, Co-Captain David Callahan Ed Norfleet
Cheryl Mason, Co-Captain Eva Dossier Scott Sims
Bill Ramsey, liaison Winston Evans Charlotte Wolfe
Dan Berexa C.J. Gideon Luther Wright
Jack Byrd Jeff Kinsler


May 17, 2011

[Joint Meeting]

A Guide to the Second Amendment: The Practical Implications of  Heller v. District of Columbian and McDonald V. City of Chicago

(responsible for September Toast)

CLE Program #095900

(1.5 hours – general credit)


Margaret Behm, Co-Captain Trey Harwell Nicole Paulk
Russell Perkins, Co-Captain Hank Hildebrand Tim Roberto
Matt Sweeney, liaison Daniel Kirsch Ed Yarbrough
Kenny Byrd Judy Lojek Mark Chalos
Jenny McMillen