The Harry Phillips AIC currently has 90 active members divided into four classifications. Masters of the Bench (“Masters”) are lawyers and law professors with fifteen or more years of experience and federal, state, and local judges. Barristers are lawyers and law professors with from five to fifteen years of experience. Associates are lawyers with less than five years of experience. Finally, Students are law students who are in their final year of law school.

The Inn’s members are drawn from Davidson County and the surrounding counties. Membership is open to all qualified persons, regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or disability. Thus, the Harry Phillips AIC reflects the rich diversity of the bench and bar in Middle Tennessee and includes representatives of the plaintiffs’ bar, defense counsel, solo practitioners, government lawyers, corporate counsel, law professors, persons working in large and small firms, and federal, state, and local trial and appellate judges. Efforts are made to ensure that no law firm or type of practice is disproportionately represented.

Masters and Barristers serve four-year terms; while Associates serve two-year terms. Students are members of the Inn during their final year of law school. Members are eligible for re-election to the Inn after at least a one-year hiatus. Members are not permitted to change their membership classification during their term but may be placed in a different classification if they are re-elected to the Inn.

In addition to the active members, the Inn extends emeritus memberships to Masters who have completed their full term of membership in good standing. Emeritus members may participate in the Inn’s educational and social programs at their own expense. Many emeritus members regularly attend Inn meetings.

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