Jackie Dixon

Jackie Dixon

How I have been coping with the COVID-19 quarantine–
by Jackie Dixon
April 27, 2020

I have actually been going to my office most days. I just do not work well from home. I can find too many other things to do! I am in a small practice with two other attorneys and one paralegal. Most of the time, I have been at the office by myself. I have certainly taken all precautions as I move from my car to my office and almost always wear a mask. Once I get to my office, I stay there. I have been doing client meetings by phone.

These are tough times no doubt. I have always coped with tough times by cooking. I remember most significant weather events by what I cooked. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. An added benefit is that I have used this time to get my sixteen-year old niece interested in cooking.

I have attached pictures of a few of the things Carmen and I have made together. We do cook entire meals, but we tend to make pictures of deserts. One Sunday night at 10 p.m. we made a banana pudding and ate it warm out of the oven. That was pure comfort at its best! Cinnamon rolls were great on a rainy weekend morning, and homemade pizza crust, although somewhat misshapen, had good texture and flavor. I am pretty sure buttermilk fudge pie could cure a lot of ailments when ingested orally but not by any other means!

Anna Jean Cabbage and Glenda Roach, my high school home economics teachers, would be proud that I am putting my sewing skills to good use making masks for family and friends. From what I see on social media, a lot of people I know have been cleaning out closets and getting rid of things, but not me. I am a pack rat, and it has paid off. I had plenty of vintage fabric and other supplies on hand to make lots of masks without visiting Amazon.com.

The best advice I have heard for coping during the pandemic is old advice I often give about focusing on things one can control when everything seems out of control. In these trying days, I have reminded myself of that advice several times. I hope you all are staying well. If you want to talk or need a recipe, please give me a call. I miss our Inn meetings and hope to see everyone soon.

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