Inn Governance


Governance of the Harry Phillips AIC is entrusted to the officers and the executive committee. The officers include: president, counselor, secretary/treasurer, reporter, program chairs, membership chair, and arrangements chair. The executive committee consists of the nine officers and four at-large members. The president and counselor must be masters, and at least one of them must be a judge. The other officers and at-large executive committee members may be drawn from any membership category.

The membership committee also nominates the Inn’s officers and at-large executive committee members. Elections are held in conjunction with the last meeting of the program year. The president and counselor are elected by a majority of the Masters, and the other officers are elected by a majority of the entire membership. Officers serve for a one-year term and are eligible to serve successive terms. A list of the officers for 2023-2024 is included in this handbook, and members are encouraged to contact any of the officers if they have questions or comments concerning the Inn.

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