Chris Sabis

Chris Sabis

COVID-19: The Sabis Experience
(Complete with Links)

After nearly 42 years, I finally have some sage advice to impart to the next generation: don’t launch a new law practice during a global pandemic!

We are coping with isolation by reminding ourselves that we are significantly luckier than many – and gardening. My wife and I are both working remotely, so we are taking shifts helping our twin boys with their school work. This has provided me with a deeper understanding of why I pay other people to educate my children. Marianne has set up an after-school Zoom for Jack and his friends, but the loss of socializing has been hard for him. Rob seems to have less of an immediate social need – Daddy keeps him sane with regular Pokémon Go car rides. We take turns picking a TV show or movie to watch as a family every evening. The boys are in Season 4 of The Simpsons (link provided for you whippersnappers who came up after the show was cool).

Professionally, my firm has been great and I got my first new client for our new group just hours before we went remote. I have been marketing as best one can without in-person meetings, seminars, or conventions (e.g., here, and follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn). I have also developed new expertise, having read all 608 non-appropriations pages of the CARES Act (I don’t recommend it), with a focus on the Paycheck Protection Program. Finally, I have continued my work with two non-profits, Stars Nashville and Autism Tennessee. Autism Tennessee has had a particularly tough time, as their building was significantly damaged by the tornado before COVID-19 took hold.

Oh, and I have been trying out the recluse lumberjack look. I genuinely miss our monthly Inn meetings. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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