Best Program Awards


The American Inns of Court promote innovative and creative program development by presenting annual awards for the ten most outstanding programs offered by local Inns, as well as special recognition for the best researched program, the most creative program, and the best special project. All programs submitted to the national office of the American Inns of Court are automatically considered for its recognition.

Our Inn has received national recognition for three programs. Our November 1995 program entitled “I’ve Got a Secret – Confidentiality and Secrecy” received a fifth place award in 1996, our April 1999 program called “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics” received a ninth place award in 2000, and our February 2015 program “Magna Carta: The Palladium of English and American Liberties” received second place in the Magna Carta program contest.

In addition to pursuing national recognition for outstanding programming, our Inn will sponsor its own best program competition. Following our last meeting in May 2024, all members will be given an opportunity to vote for the best program materials and the best program of the year. The members of the team presenting the best program of the year will not only be recognized for their efforts, but they and their spouses or significant others will also receive a congratulatory dinner.

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