Programs 2011-2012

PROGRAMS 2011-2012

August 16, 2011Orientation and Introduction of New Members


September 20, 2011

Impaired Lawyers: Knowing the Signs, Intervention Techniques, and the Role of TLAP and the Board of Professional Responsibility [Dixon]

View Materials (.pdf)

(responsible for May Toast) CLE Program #109749

(1.5 hour – general credit)

Joe Binkley, Co-CaptainDixie CooperSteve Lund
Winston Evans, Co-CaptainShomari DaileyPhillis Rambsy
Jackie Dixon, liaisonJamie FormontJude White
John ArceciMichael Harmon 
Alan BeanRenard Hirsch 



October 18, 2011

Tort Reform School

View Materials (.pdf)

(responsible for April Toast) CLE Program #109750

(1.5 hours – general credit)

C.J. Gideon, Co-CaptainTarsila CrawfordGary Kellar
Bill Leader, Co-CaptainJames DunnAnn Martin
Bill Ramsey, liaisonRebecca DunnanScott Sims
Laura BishopDavid GreenBill Young
John BryantLisa Helton 



November 15, 2011

The Freedom Riders

Bergman v. United States (.pdf)

Dresner v. City of Tallahassee (.pdf)

Pierson v. Ray (.pdf)

(responsible for March Toast) CLE Program #109752

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Sue Kay, Co-CaptainJeff GibsonRachel Ross
Luther Wright, Co-CaptainAlexandria GlispieDonna Roberts
Charles Grant, liaisonLin HouScarlett Singleton
Margarett BehmJason Murrie 
Sheila CallowayMike Pasino 
Richard Dinkins  



December 6, 2011

Holiday Reception at the Blumsteins



January 17, 2012

The Lost Art of Negotiation

Negotiation Skills Self Assessment Questionnaire (.pdf)

Focus on Why Rather than What (.pdf)

How to Succeed When Working with Tactical Negotiations (.pdf)

Negotiate like The Gambler (.pdf)

Negotiation, Gender Triggers, and Female Lawyers (.pdf)

Rules for Good Listening (.pdf)

Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating (.pdf)

The J.D. Handicap, Logic Over Training (.pdf)

Unethical Negotiating Gambits (.pdf)

What Negotiators Can Learn from Improv Comedy (.pdf)

Art of Negotiation Articles and Resources (.pdf)

(responsible for February Toast) CLE Program #109753

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Cheryl Mason, Co-CaptainTracy KaneBrant Phillips
Ann Russell, Co-CaptainRhonda KinslowMariah Samost
Bernadette Welch, liaisonBob MendesAlex Scarbrough
David CallahanMary Frances ParkerTracy Shaw
Cynthia Greene-CampbellRussell Perkins 



February 21, 2012

A Refresher Course on the Right Against Self-Incrimination

Historical and International Self-Incrimination (.pdf)

Memo of Law Insupport (.pdf)

Raybin SPEECHsInne of Court (.pdf)

(responsible for January Toast) CLE Program #109754

(1.5 hours – general credit)

David Raybin, Co-CaptainChris FowlerJenny McMillen
Monte Watkins, Co-CaptainChaucey FullerMatt Potempa
Bill Koch, liaisonTrey HarwellJimmie Lynn Ramsaur
Jodie BellBarbara HolmesBrian Winfrey
Mark ChalosRyan Knight 



March 20, 2012

How to Educate Your Client About the Importance of Professionalism and Reputation

Critique of the Civility Movement (.pdf)

The Professionalism Crisis (.pdf)

Trial Advocacy & Civility (.pdf)

(responsible for November Toast) CLE Program #109751

(1.5 hours – dual credit)

Kathryn Barnett, Co-CaptainAndie McKellarScott Tift
Brad MacLean, Co-CaptainMatt MeltzerJess Uitto
Andeée Blumstein, liaisonGregg RamosChad White
Tucker HerndonPhil SmithSheree Wright



April 17, 2012

New Judicial Recusal Rules and Their Ramifications

2012 Materials (.pdf)

(responsible for October Toast) CLE Program #109756

(1.5 hours – dual credit)

Dawn Deaner, Co-CaptainWill HickyTaylor Sitzler
Randy Kennedy, Co-CaptainKen JonesApril Watkins
Jackie Dixon, liaisonJudy LojekJonathan Williams
Dan BerexaNicole PaulkEd Yarbrough
John Burns  



May 15, 2012

[Joint Meeting]

The Andersonville War Crimes Trial

(responsible for the September Toast) CLE Program #109756

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Bill Harbison, Co-CaptainMarian HarrisonAlistair Newbern
Hank Hildebrand, Co-CaptainLora MansonJustin Seamon
Matt Sweeney, liaisonRich McGeeRachel Thomas
Kenny ByrdRobin MooreCharlotte Wolfe
Patsy Cottrell  

Programs 2001-2002

 PROGRAMS 2001-2002

  View the materials from our program: “Contempt of Court: The Trials of Edward Johnson”   September 18, 2001

Orientation and Dinner



October 16, 2001

Comparative Fault: Questions in Search of Answers

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for June Toast)  

Patsy Cottrell, Co-Captain
Donald Capparella
Darrell Townsend
Jim Doran, Co-Captain
Jennifer Hedge
Nancy Vincent
Beth Boone
Brian Keith Jackson
Chuck Walker
Mary Brewer
Mary Schaffner
Matt Sweeney, Liaison



November 20, 2001

Personal Privacy: What’s Left?

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for May Toast)

Juliet Griffin, Co-Captain
Julie Jones
Mark Seitz
Katie Edge, Co-Captain
Kaz Kikkawa
Jan Simmons
Melissa Blackburn
Christie Laird
Andrée Blumstein, Liaison
Ursula Holmes
Patrick Ruth



January 15, 2002

The Jurors’ Verdict on Lawyers and the Courts

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for April Toast)

Tom Brothers, Co-Captain
Charles Grant
Lyn Robbins
John Branham, Co-Captain
Edward Hadley
Lucinda Smith
Meera Ballal
Russ Miller
Bob Watson
James Crumlin
Barbara Moss
Leslie Bridges, Liaison



February 19, 2002

The Death Penalty: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for March Toast)

Jerry Smith, Co-captain
John Farringer
Neda Sawyers
Don Hall, Co-Captain
Paula Flowers
Ginger Townzen
Cheryl Blackburn
Jim McNamara
Bill Ramsey, Liaison
Bill Farmer
Maria Salas



March 19, 2002

What is Law? An Interdisciplinary Perspective

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for February Toast)

Leon Ruben, Co-Captain
Jonathan Farmer
Ellen Pollack
John Nolan, Co-Captain
Robert Greene
Amy Smith
Will Cheek
Malcolm McCune
Andrée Blumstein, Liaison
Julie-Karel Elkin
Mary Ann Miranda



April 16, 2002

Legal Issues Involving Family Relationships: Beyond Divorce

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for January Toast)

Marietta Shipley, Co-Captain
Betty Adams Green
Frank Scanlon
Marlene Moses, Co-Captain
T.J. Jones
Dave Williams
Gordon Aulgur
George Nolan
Leslie Bridges, Liaison
Mary Beth Fortugno
Josh Perry



May 21, 2002

Intellectual Property: What Little You Know Might Hurt You

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for November Toast)

Ben Cantrell, Co-Captain
Julie Burnstein
Janna Smith
Jim Harris, Co-Captain
Jackie Dixon
Kent Syverud
Jerry Anderton
Steve Hurd
Luther Wright
Mike Berger
Mary LaGrone
Bill Ramsey, Liaison



June 18, 2002

Expert Witnesses: How Lawyers Treat Experts and How Experts Treat Lawyers

View the Materials (.pdf)

(Responsible for October Toast)

Carol McCoy, Co-Captain
Mark Baugh
Kathryn Phillips
Zan Blue, Co-Captain
Gary Blackburn
Libbi Snider
Amy Adams
Tom Carlton
Matt Sweeney, Liaison
Clisby Barrow
Alix Cross

Programs 2002-2003

PROGRAMS 2002-2003

September 17, 2002

Introduction of New Members and Orientation



October 15, 2002

Proving Loss of Consortium After Jordan v. Baptist Three Rivers Hosp.,  984 S.W.2d 593 (Tenn. 1999)

View the Materials (.pdf)



November 19, 2002

Terrorism and Constraints on Civil Liberties

View the Materials (.pdf)

View the PowerPoint Presentation



January 21, 2003

Retirement Issues for Lawyers

View the Materials (.pdf)



February 18, 2003

Constitutional Rights of Schoolchildren

View the Materials (.pdf)



March 18, 2003

The Ethical Dilemma – Partner Misconduct

View the Materials (.pdf)

View the PowerPoint Presentation



April 15, 2003

Is the Legal System Competent to Determine Competency?

View the Materials (.pdf)



May 20, 2003

Electronic Discovery



June 17, 2003

First and Goal: Lawyering for an NFL Team

Programs 2003-2004

PROGRAMS 2003-2004

September 16, 2003

Orientation and “Reel Courtroom Dramas”



October 21, 2003

Baiting the Hook: How to Prepare an Irresistible  Tenn. R. App. P. 11 Application

View the Materials (.pdf)

Sample Application (.pdf)

View the PowerPoint Presentation



November 18, 2003

Treating Persons Equally By Treating Them Differently:  The Conundrum of Managing Diversity in College Admissions



January 20, 2004

“There I’ve Said It Again”: Disclosure of Client Confidences and  The New Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct

View the Materials (.pdf)



February 17, 2004

Covenants Not To Compete – When an Employer Closes the Door,  Can You Open a Window?

View the Materials (.pdf)



March 16, 2004

“After Reviewing the Play, the Ruling on the Field Stands” –  Interlocutory Appeals Under Tenn. R. App. P. 9 & 10

Interlocutory Appeals Under Tenn. R. App. P. 9 & 10 (.pdf)



April 20, 2004

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” –  Screening Mechanisms and Conflict of Interest

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (.pdf)



May 18, 2004

“Stony the Road We Trod” – From Plessy v. Ferguson to  Brown v. Board of Education

Stony The Road We Trod (.pdf)



June 15, 2004

“Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow” –  The Contractual Foundation of a Hit Record

Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow (.pdf)

Music Industry Contracts (.pdf)



November 16, 2004

“Electronic Filing In Federal District Court”

Electronic Filing In Federal District Court (.pdf)  

Programs 2004-2005

PROGRAMS 2004-2005

September 21, 2004

Orientation And Introduction Of New Members



October 19, 2004

One Person, One Vote:  The Legacy of Baker v. Carr

View the Materials – Document 1 (.pdf)

View the Materials – Document 2 (.pdf)

View the Materials – Document 3 (.pdf)



November 16, 2004

Electronic Filing in the Federal Courts

Electronic Filing in the Federal Courts (.pdf) 



January 18, 2005

Three Days Early:  The Last Days of Governor Ray Blanton

Three Days Early (.pdf) 

Three Days Early (.ppt)



February 15, 2005

The Process and Politics of  Federal Judicial Nominations

The Process and Politics of Federal Judicial Nominations (.pdf) 



March 15, 2005

Civility: What Goes Around Comes Around —  Or Does It?

Civility: What Goes Around Comes Around –  Or Does It? (.pdf) 



April 19, 2005

Jeopardy International

Jeopardy International (.pdf)



May 17, 2005

Stealth Jurors: Prevention and Remedies

Stealth Jurors: Prevention and Remedies (.pdf) 



June 21, 2005

The Least Dangerous Branch:  Judicial Activism and Stare Decisis

 Judicial Activism and Stare Decisis (.pdf)  

Programs 2005-2006

PROGRAMS 2005-2006

September 20, 2005

Orientation and Introduction of New Members



October 18, 2005

The Shifting Sands of the Reporter’s Privilege



November 15, 2005

Open Courts and Closed Files:  The Pros and Cons of Sealing Court Records

View the Materials 1 (.pdf)

View the Materials 2 (.pdf)

John Branham, Co-Captain
Anne Martin
Matt Curley
Monte Watkins, Co-Captain
Jackie Dixon
Monica Johnson
Marlene Baugh Boshears
Sam Jackson
Andree Blumstein, liaison
John Farringer
Jim Vines



January 17, 2006

To Accept or Not To Accept a Client: That is the Question

View the Materials (.pdf)

Michael Brown, Co-Captain
Kathryn Barnett, Co-Captain
Matt Sweeney, Liaison
Jennifer Brundige
Randy Kenny
Tom Shumate
Mark Colter
Laureen Kuzur
Mary Frances Lyle



February 21, 2006

When Does Detention Become Torture Under the Geneva Convention?



March 21, 2006

Mediation and Arbitration: Trojan Horses or Derby Winners?



April 18, 2006

The Invasion of the Identity Snatchers: Prevention and Remedies for  Phishing and Other Forms of Identity Theft

View the Materials (.pdf)

Kent Cochran
Bill Ramsey
Karl Dean
Donna Roberts
Matthew Foster
Kathryn Sasser
Michael Moore
Juan Villasenor
Stephen Morton
Ellie Wetzel



May 16, 2006

The Removal of the Native Americans from Georgia: The Role of Lawyers During the Trail of Tears

View the Materials (.pdf)

Cissy Daughtrey
Jamie Hollin
Lisa Helton
Mat Sweeney
David Herbert
Ginger Townzen



June 20, 2006

“That’s For Me to Know and For You to Find Out”

(Shaping a Client’s Media Relations)

Programs 2007-2008

PROGRAMS 2007-2008

August 21, 2007

Orientation and Introduction of New Members



September 18, 2007

Proposition: Insurance Coverage Should Be Discoverable or Admissable

View the Materials (.pdf)



October 16, 2007

Voir Dire and Preemptory Challenge

View the Materials (.pdf)

Mike Passino, Co-Captain
Amanda McClendon
Jocelyn Stevenson
Luther Wright, Co-Captain
Kristen Menke
Tyler Yarbro
Dave Garrison
Cyndi Parson
Jeffery Chugg
Jerry Martin
Bill Penny
Matt Sweeney, Liaison




November 20 , 2007

Juggling Multiple Tasks and Objections

View the Materials (.pdf)

Dan Eisenstein, Co-Captain
Hart Knight
Tom Shumate
Barbara Holmes
Brad MacLean
Scott Tift
Martha Boyd
Emily Plotkin
Nancy Vincent
Nancy Jones
Marissa Russ
Frank Wilbert
Bill Ramsey, Liaison



January 15, 2008

Could the U.S. News Law School Rankings Withstand Scrutiny Under  McDaniel v CSX Transp., Corp., Brown v Crown Equip. Corp., and  Daubuert v Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.?

View the Materials (.pdf)



February 19 , 2008

Lost in Translation: Non-English Speaking Clients and Witnesses

Table of Contents (.pdf)

Attorneys as Interpreters (.pdf)

Do’s and Dont’s (.pdf)

Jenkin’s Decision (.pdf)

Lost in Translation Movie (.pdf)

Lost in Translation Skit (.pdf)

Eight Position Papers (.pdf)

Top Ten Guidelines (.pdf)

Complete Materials (.pdf)



March 18, 2008

The Amistad Trials 1839-1840

View the Materials (.pdf)

Part 1 of 3 (.pdf)

Part 2 of 3 (.pdf)

Part 3 of 3 (.pdf)

Timeline (.pdf)

Newspaper Articles (.pdf)

Patsy Cottrell, Co-Captain
Karl Dean
Paula Flowers
Juan Vilaseor, Co-Captain
Mary Francois
Hank Hildebrand
Joe Boyd
Rae Anne Seay
Chris Vrettos
Teresa Chan
Sheree Wright
Andree Blumstein, Liaison



April 15, 2008

Wrongs Without Remedies – National Security and Closed Circuits

View the Materials (.pdf)

Bill Cohen, Co-Captain
Erica Garrison
Nicole Paulk
Marlene Eskind Moses
Kimberly Silvus
Emma Dill
Richard Dinkins
Denard Mickens
Matt Sweeney, Liaison
Sara Reynolds
Mark Westlake



May 20, 2008

Jury Demand or No Jury Demand, That is the Question

View the Materials (.pdf)


Programs 2008-2009

PROGRAMS 2008-2009

May 20, 2008 Jury Demand or No Jury Demand, That is the Question

View the Materials (.pdf)



January 27, 2009

The TN Plan: Is There a Better Way to Pick Judges

Cover Sheet (.pdf)

Westlaw 10 17 21 (.pdf)

Westlaw 10 18 43 (.pdf)

Westlaw 10 19 55 (.pdf)

Westlaw 10 20 50 (.pdf)

Nancy Vincent, Co-Captain
Allen Christie
Denard Mickens
Sheree Wright, Co-Captain
Hart Knight
Chris Coleman
Andree Blumstein, Liaison
Bill Farmer
Nicole Paulk
Margaret Behm
Marchello Gray
Brant Phillips
David Callahan
Marian Harrison



April 21, 2009

The Billable Hour

View Program (.pdf)

View Materials (.pdf)



May 21, 2009

The Black Socks Trial:  Winning the Battle but Losing the War

View Handout (.pdf)


Programs 2009-2010

PROGRAMS 2009-2010

2009 – 2010 Programs & Teams Schedule (.pdf) August 18, 2009

Orientation and Introduction of New Members

Harold I. Braff, American Inns of Court Leadership Council



September 15, 2009

History of Civil Pro Bono

View Materials (.pdf)



October 20, 2009

Cyberspace, The Final Frontier of Law Practice

Investigating MySpace (.pdf)

Presentation (.pdf)

Slideshow (.pdf)

Resources (.pdf)

New York Times Article (.pdf)

Social Networking Research (.pdf)

Friend or Foe (.pdf)

Developing Case on the Internet (.ppt)

Woman’s MySpace Increases Sentence (link)

Ultimate Facebook Betrayal? (link)

How social media can hurt your career (link)

Social Networking Evidence: Sources, Authentication and Admissibility (link)



November 17, 2009

Bulls and Bears and Stimulus Packages. Oh My!

Information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (.pdf)

Comparison of Speech Clips by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barrack Obama (.pdf)

Stimulus Presentation (.ppt)

Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) (.pdf)

Information on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)



December 15, 2009

First Annual Harry Phillips AIC Holiday Party



January 19, 2010

Practice Interrupted: Are You Prepared?

Table of Contents (.pdf)

List of Things to Do to Prepare for Disaster, Disability & Death (.pdf)

Checklist for Lawyers Planning to Protect clients’ interests in event of lawyers disability, impairment, incapacity or death (.pdf)

Checklist for closing your office (.pdf)

Checlist for closing another attorney’s office (.pdf)

Checklist of concerns when assuming temporary responsibility of another attorney’s practice whether resulting from the disability or suspension of another attorney (.pdf)

Agreement to close law practice in the future (.pdf)

Authorization and consent to close office (.pdf)

Limited Power of Attorney to manage law practice (.pdf)

Letters to clients (.pdf)

Request for File and Acknowledgement of receipt of file and Authorization for transfer of client file (.pdf)

Letter from firm offering to continue representation (.pdf)

Inventory of law office information (.pdf)



February 16, 2010

Gideon v. Wainwright: Then and Now

Gideon’s Broken Promise ABA SCLAID Report (.pdf)

Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks Out on the Need to Address the Crisis in Indigent Defense Brennan Center for Justice (.mht)

Final Gideon’s Broken Promise (.ppt)

Gideon v. Wainwright – Decision (.pdf)

Materials (.pdf)

Mark Stephens Presentation (.ppt)



March 16, 2010

Caperton v. Massey and Motions for Recusal

Caperton v. Massey and Motions for Recusal (.pdf)



April 20, 2010

The Ethics of Mistakes



May 18, 2010

Lincoln, The Lawyer

Lincoln Trivia  (.ppt)

Lincoln Quotes  (.ppt)

Lincoln Photos (.ppt)

Programs 2010-2011

PROGRAMS 2010-2011

August 17, 2010

Orientation and Introduction of New Members Jack Robinson, Sr., Recollections of Judge Phillips  

September 21, 2010

Social Networking: Friend or Foe or “Unfriend” or “Unfoe”?

(responsible for May Toast)

CLE Program #095930

(1.5 hours – general credit)

David Raybin, Captain Tarsila Crawford Justin Page
Bill Ramsey, liaison Jean Crowe Joanna Robinson
Alan Bean James Crumlin Jonathan Williams
Jodie Bell Chasity Goodner Sheree Wright


October 19, 2010

Collaborative Law

(responsible for April Toast)

CLE Program #095931

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Marian Harrison, Co-Captain Sue Kay Jason Murrie
Gregg Ramos, Co-Captain Lora Manson Brant Phillips
Jackie Dixon, liaison Beth Meadows Shannone Raybon
Amy Farrar Dennis Meaker Jess Uitto
Ken Jones


November 16, 2010

Cultural Cognition and Its Influence on Lawyers and Judges

(responsible for March Toast)

CLE Program #095898

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Kathryn Barnett, Co-Captain Lisa Helton Jerry Martin
Bob Mendes, Co-Captain Barbara Holmes Colleen Sweeney
Bill Koch, liaison Elizabeth Johnston Scott Tift
Dexter Brewer Josh Lee Monte Watkins
Shomari Dailey Brad MacLean


December 2010

Holiday Event

Donald W. Lemons, Supreme Court of Virginia


January 18, 2011

T urning the Keys Over to the Next Generation:  Succession Planning and the Practice of Law

(responsible for February Toast)

CLE Program #095897

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Randy Kennedy, Co-Captain Tracy Kane Phillis Rambsy
Anne Russell, Co-Captain Lauren Kilgore Donna Roberts
Bernadette Welch, liaison Cyndi McKenzie Mark Westlake
Michael Harmon Alistar Newbern Renard Hirsch
Chris Norris


February 15, 2011

The Law of Race: Who’s Black, Who’s White, Who’s Other and Who Cares?

(responsible for January Toast)

CLE Program #095899

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Richard Dinkins, Co-Captain Dawn Deaner Rich McGee
Mike Passino, Co-Captain Jeff Gibson Megan Moore
Charles Grant, liaison Bill Leader Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur
Barbara Barreno Jeri Lee Rachel Thomas
Sheila Calloway Dan Lins


March 15, 2011

The Legal Systems and the Practice of Law  in the People’s Republic of China

Catalogue for Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries – Chinese (.pdf)

Catalogue for Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amended in 2007)  (.pdf)

Text of the Arbitration Law  (.pdf)

Summary of the Civil Procedure Law  (.pdf)

Further Reading  (.pdf)

(responsible for November Toast)

CLE Program #095902

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Patsy Cottrell, Co-Captain Gary Kellar Rachel Ross
Bill Harbison, Co-Captain Steve Lund Rob Rutherford
Matt Sweeney, liaison Casey Nicholson Nancy Vincent
Joe Boyd Bill Penny Brian Winfrey
Laura Carlisle Sara Reynolds


April 19, 2011

So You Have Received a Request for Electronically Stored  Information: Now What?

(responsible for October Toast)

CLE Program #095901

(1.5 hours – general credit)

John Bryant, Co-Captain David Callahan Ed Norfleet
Cheryl Mason, Co-Captain Eva Dossier Scott Sims
Bill Ramsey, liaison Winston Evans Charlotte Wolfe
Dan Berexa C.J. Gideon Luther Wright
Jack Byrd Jeff Kinsler


May 17, 2011

[Joint Meeting]

A Guide to the Second Amendment: The Practical Implications of  Heller v. District of Columbian and McDonald V. City of Chicago

(responsible for September Toast)

CLE Program #095900

(1.5 hours – general credit)


Margaret Behm, Co-Captain Trey Harwell Nicole Paulk
Russell Perkins, Co-Captain Hank Hildebrand Tim Roberto
Matt Sweeney, liaison Daniel Kirsch Ed Yarbrough
Kenny Byrd Judy Lojek Mark Chalos
Jenny McMillen