Ann Martin

Anne Martin

The virus pandemic has turned my world upside down just as it has with everyone else, although my responsibilities as a judge are different than for private practitioners and in house counsel. Instead of worrying about the business aspects of practicing law, I have had to worry about keeping my cases moving forward while balancing public safety, available resources, the reasonable concerns and fears of the litigating lawyers, and the health of myself and my employees.

The silver lining of all of this is we judges have learned how adaptable (believe it or not) we can be, and that available technology has a lot of efficiencies and opportunities we did not previously utilize. For instance, I believe video conferencing is going to continue to be used, particularly with cases involving out of town lawyers or hearings that will likely be short in duration but require face to face. And I have not had anyone appear from bed or without pants – that I know of!

On the personal side, very difficult for my family. My son really, really benefits from structure. There have been limited opportunities for learning through his school, although I know they are trying and this was an unexpected situation. No one can change in person learning to on line learning in an instant. His after school program has had some great enrichment opportunities on line, but his dad or I have to be there to manage/get him on line, etc. On line learning is great, but for working parents it is tough! And the unknown of carefully crafted and scheduled summer plans, not to mention next school year, is really disconcerting. BUT, I am fortunate to have significant flexibility and control in my job, and a healthy and happy kid who seems really excited to get so much of my attention these days. I have revived my love of jigsaw puzzles and am learning to wear a mask to the grocery. Also, my dog Lily (pictured) is thrilled, and my 82 year old father, who did not know how to text 6 months ago, now FaceTimes with us every night with my mom!

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